Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Super Harvest Moon, September 9, 2014

Last night I had some friends on facebook talking about the super moon and even saw a few pictures. We live in a valley so we don't see the moon until its over the mountain. But it was neat because I caught a sort of sequence on my camera.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Easy Homemade Donuts

Try not to drool.

!!WARNING!! If you are looking for a healthy recipe, then click out of this page. But, if you want something simple and delicious, then you have come to the right place.  These donuts are the opposite of healthy. They are a rare treat for us, probably because I'm conscious of the calories and sugar and whatnot (delicious, delicious calories). I remember my Pop making these for us a few times when we were younger.

For dinner, I was making this Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings and the recipe actually calls for 2 cans of biscuits and I only use a little more than half of one, so I needed to find a way to use the rest. (PS, if you want the recipe for the chicken and dumplings, you can find it here..

So here's the recipe I use for the, listen closely.

1 can biscuits
Shortening or canola oil.
1/2 cup of sugar (I recommend granulate, I tried powdered once and it turned out soggy and weird.)

Preheat a pan or a small pot of shortening or oil on medium (honestly I would recommend shortening over oil, but oil was all I had so I used that but with shortening, they would absorb less (does that make sense? No? Just go with your gut). You can have a lot in there or you can about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. That's what I do.

These are the biscuits I used. One time, we use the ones with honey in them and they were delish!

You can cut your biscuits into strips (or logs or whatever you want to call them) or little nuggets (of course, then you would have to call them donuggets *snort*)

Before putting them in the oil you can test the oil by just pinching off a small piece and putting it in the oil/shortening. If it immediately sizzles and rises to the top, it should be ready. Then, go ahead and put a few more in there. Don't over crowd it though, leave an inch or two or space between each one. This will go really quick so stay on top of them, check the bottoms and when they are golden brown, flip them. I like to set them on a paper towel for a minute after they are done frying.

Mix together some sugar and cinnamon (I only like a little cinnamon, so this part is totally up to you...go crazy)

Then, they are done, and ready to be enjoyed!

I think Taylor liked them. Isn't he handsome?

You can eat this with a spoon if you want to. ;]

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animals and Birds

I have been accumulating some photos of birds and animals over the past few months and I got enough that I could make a blog post about it.  =]

I MAY be wrong, but these birds are Snipes. (who knew there was actually a bird called a snipe?!)

This is blurry but I caught him drinking some water! 

An ugly ol' Armadillo!

Mr. Cardinal waiting on the fence. 

I think this is some sort of woodpecker. 

Mr and Mrs. Cardinal enjoying the snow. 

I don't know why this picture is snowing...but ok. 

This doe was in our backyard. 

I could have sworn I got a picture of a bee on these flowers but I didn't, so heres. a picture of some flowers. 

This is my parent's neighbors cute little pup. 

Two pairs of ducks. 

All my ducks in a row. 

It's funny, these gees were not letting those ducks get too close. They would run them off. 

I love Canadian Geese. They are my favorite bird. A while back we had 20 or 30 on our pond at once. 

'Ol Oscar a few days before we got his haircut.

I'm glad I got a good reflection on this one. 


Playing catch =]

We have two beavers on our pond. 


I wish I could turn this!



Friday, August 30, 2013

39 weeks!

This week has gone by slower than turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Haha (I had Google silly clich├ęs and that was the first that came up).

But seriously... the first weeks went by so quickly! I remember the night we found out  we were expecting (December 30) we thought 8 months would never get here. That's more than half the year and it's here!

But I rest in the fact that I have a maximum of 3 weeks left if I happen to go over. It sure would be weird to have to type up a blog of bitterness over being 41 weeks...

Well we had quite the scare this week...considering everything has gone very normal until this point. Luckily it was just a scare.  I went in Tuesday for a normal appointment and my blood pressure was sort of high.  I felt fine except for a slight headache the day before. My blood pressure had been very consistently normal since about 15 weeks.  So my doctor mentioned a possibility of preeclampsia and before I knew it I was being ordered tests and hooked up to a monitor for a fetal non-stress test.  I had to press a button every time I felt her move, it also measured her heart rate, which thankfully stayed good.  She also kicked the monitor that was measuring her heart rate...which was actually kind of funny given the situation.  Anyway, when that was done they said that that all looked good and I had to go get my blood drawn (which is always fun).  THEN I was sent home with stuff to do a 24 hour urine test (TMI..I know!).  Well anyway I did the sample and sent it back and today we had another appointment to get results.  When I got there my doctor walks in all cheery and says everything came back good and I don't have preeclampsia.  So yay!! We are happy because we went in today thinking we might be induced soon. I'm so glad we don't have to be! =]

We waited until now to say anything because we figured if it came back that I didn't have it, it wouldn't be worth the worry from others so we just told our moms and our Pastor so they could pray.

Haha not so flattering angle during the fetal NST. This thingy was seeing if I was having contractions.
I got my freezer meals done this week! Took me most of a day to do. I was exhausted when it was all done.  There is enough for 20 or so days...including we bought pizzas and a few other frozen things and my parents brought over some stuff a few weeks ago. =]

Hello 39 weeks! I managed to do my hair but I didn't want to get dressed up...that's how it is these days...just half-tushing my way through life until she gets here. =]
How far along?  39 weeks!
 Total weight gain: *whistles nervously*
Sleep: I guess I've become such a hermit that even my dreams won't leave home.  Just about every dream I have had takes place at home. I have been sleeping pretty good though! But I've been waking up earlier.
Movement:  She's a good little mover! She's running out of womb though!   
Strange symptoms:  Nothing really! 
Best Memory this week:  Taylor and I read Chuck Norris jokes earlier and I laughed so hard I was crying earlier...not just a few almost sobbing!   
Food cravings:   Fruit! and Oreos!  
Food aversions:  I really don't want anything besides what I'm craving...which makes for some weird dinners.... 

Looking forward to:  Need I say? OF COURSE I LOOK FORWARD TO HOLDING MY LITTLE GIRL! =] I also look forward to my birth experience.  I'm ready any day she is! 
Rudest thing someone said:  Here we go...I've been waiting to post this all week! The other day we were in Walmart and I sent Taylor to get a watermelon (of course) while I was in the freezer section. While I was there I thought I heard someone say "When is that baby due?"...but it wasn't loud so I ignored it...then this older lady touches  my arm and practically yells at me "WHEN is that BABY due!?" She startled me but I said "Oh...September 6th." And if that wasn't indication enough she asks "How far are you?" (Want me to count the days for you?) I said I'm 38 weeks and she looked at me like I was the stupidest person she ever saw "38 weeks?" and so we awkwardly stared at each other "yep!"....I went to walk away and she said "Oh you mean you are 38 weeks along...I meant how many do you have left...I was fixing to say you are going to be in for a rude awakening..."  This whole time she had her hand ON MY BELLY and I'm too passive to ask her to not do that. So I sat there with a uncomfortable look on my face...then she continued with the long list of questions (what are you it your first....) and the advice for this clueless first time mom. Anyway...she ended with a VERY condescending "Good luck."

Monday, August 26, 2013

38 weeks! =]

I'm still here! And still pregnant! I can't believe how slowly every single day is going by! Those first 38 just flew on by...and now these last few weeks seem to be creeping slowly by. 

I am still procrastinating on a few things before Emily gets here. I found a pediatrician that I really like (got many good recommendations from women who see her), but I have yet to contact her (I did attempt it, I just got a voicemail and they never called me back). I should probably do that this week.  I also need to start to start on freezer meals.  My parents brought by a bunch of stuff last Friday also, but I want to get things like spaghetti sauce and meatballs and chicken cooked and frozen, that way we can just thaw it and throw it in something and call it dinner. or lunch.  I also need to make sure we have plenty of stuff for hobo dinners (which have been awesome and so easy to make). 

Other than that, it's just a matter of being patient and waiting, which is getting so hard!  I'm not really showing any signs of labor so far, besides being dilated to a 1.  (I have an appointment tomorrow so we will see if I have progressed =] ). 

We took our last birthing class with Ann.  We just did a sort of rehearsal to make sure we had breathing/relaxation techniques down. 

Did I mention that we're ready?

Because we are!

On Saturday, Travis and Whitney (Taylor's aunt and uncle) had their gender reveal party.  She's due in January, so Emily will have a cousin her age!

I got to admit, I was hoping for a girl!

BUT IT'S A BOY!! YAYY!! Little Hank! (I hope I can put that!)

That cake was so tasty!
How far along?  38 weeks 3 days!!
 Total weight gain: Still don't want to talk about it haha! But hey, I will lose it all soon enough!
Sleep: I have not been sleeping as much as I used to. I actually haven't even been taking my usual nap.  I am tired, I just can't sleep. The pregnancy dreams are getting weirder and weirder.

Movement: She is still moving good, but I can tell it is starting to slow down (which I've heard happens close to labor.) She has also dropped so the movement is in a different area.   
Strange symptoms:  I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but it seems that my heartburn has seemed to decrease. =]
Best Memory this week:  Travis and Whitney's gender reveal was fun! I'm glad Emily is going to have a cousin so close to her!   
Food cravings:   I am still eating a bunch of fruit! We didn't know what to do for dinner the other night but I knew I wanted a pineapple so we went and got one and I've been eating it for 3 days now.  And mom and pop sent part of a watermelon home! I also can't resist sweets!  
Food aversions:  Nothing is grossing me out quite like it did the first trimester.  I actually managed to clean out the fridge the other day for the 2nd time this pregnancy.  That's something I don't want to make Taylor do, so it happens pretty rarely. 

Looking forward to:  Can I just begin labor already? Seriously! 
Rudest thing someone said:  Nothing this week.  I guess maybe I look miserable though because people ask how I'm feeling with a sympathetic look on their face.  I'm not really miserable...just ready!