Thursday, November 7, 2013

Emily is 2 months!

Wow! I can't believe how quickly these 2 months have went by! I also can't believe it's been a whole month since I have done a blog. think I'm busy? haha! I actually sat down to do one the other day and I SWORE in the blog that I would not let anything keep me from finishing the blog...well a week or so has gone by so I obviously gave up!  Oh well, I am starting fresh with this one!

I can't believe how much Emily has changed in just one month. She has started to get a personality. She is REALLY happy (98% of the time)! Whenever Taylor or I walk into the room her legs go crazy and she starts smiling! She is getting used to the camera too. =]

I asked her if she was going to help me with my blog today and this were the reactions I got...because of course like any person who talks to a baby I ask the same question 100 times in a high pitched voice just to see if they react! haha!

We started on somewhat of a schedule when she was about a month old and we have stuck with it and it is working really well. We start our morning between 6:30-7:30.  I feed her either when she wants or every 2-3 hours or before we leave for any long journey. About 7:30 at night we do bath, feed and bed by 8.  She normally sleeps until 2.  I set my alarm anyway just in case because I don't want her to go more than 6 hours without eating for now.  Then we go back to sleep until about 5:30-6:30 and I get up and open the bedroom door and peek out at Taylor (who is up by 4:30 for work) and he knows that means I want coffee haha!

We have Emily's 2 month appointment tomorrow so we will see how much she weighs!! I'm guessing 10#8oz....maybe a little heavier. She's a growing girl!

Happy 2 months little girl!
Here she is next to Kow! I have to make a side by side of last months.
Emily was baptized into our covenant family a few Sundays ago! She slept through the whole thing but that's OK. May God grant her faith in his time. =] LOOK AT THAT HANDSOME DADDY!
Why do we look so sad?
I told her to be cautious...

Doesn't she look like my dad in this picture? So funny!

Here she is posing with Kow and her shirt made by her BCF!

The other day we caught her sucking her thumb! Too cute!

The hat is a little too big!

Taylor being the wonderful daddy that he is!! =]] I sure do love them both!

Do you think that shirt is a little small for her now? She fit in it like a month ago! This is her lazy fat man pose haha!

She had a grip on that brush so I helped her brush her hair!
We took pictures the other day!

I'm thinking this would make a good meme?
Such a little thinker!

Monday, October 7, 2013

One Month. Too exciting!

I can't believe our little Emily is one month old today! At 9:18 tonight! This month has definitely has been crazy and fun at the same time! As Jim Gaffigan would say "I haven't slept in 7 years" That's about what it feels like haha but it's so worth it because I'm spending it with my little tiny girl!

Emily has come a long way in just a month.  I watched a video of her the other day when she was about a week old and she was it's like she grunts all the time and makes noise in her sleep! She is starting to smile more now and we even swear she laughs sometimes. She is also moving a lot more.  She flails her arms around and kicks her legs and lifts her head up. We got to try cloth diapering a few days ago and sadly I only have 2 diapers that fit her right now and they worked really well! And she looked super cute! She has to be about 10-12 pounds before fitting in the others!

Yesterday we got to go to church for the first time with her (outside the womb) and she did pretty well.   At the start she had to be fed but after that she slept through, then at the Sunday school she needed to be fed again.  It wasn't all that bad though.  It could have been worse.  Everyone was so happy to see her.  They all said how pretty she is and how blessed we are to have such a pretty daughter.  There is another family there who is expecting their 6th baby (they have 3 boys and 2 girls now) and they came over to us to see the baby and the little kids just went crazy "oh what a pretty baby...such a cute baby!!" They were so nice! I just love our church! Seriously...I've been to churches that even wonder why we are married so young..our church encourages marriage and sees children as a blessing. We are blessed with such great fellowship and consider them like family to us!

Right now Emily is sleeping in her swing.  Everyone tells me to sleep when she sleeps but I always find something that NEEDS to be now I should probably vacuum or do the dishes or think about what to make for supper (everyone also tells me that stuff can I chose to write instead.)

She's one month! I think she's starting to lose her hair on she looks like her GrandPop!

Emily and Kow!

Alright...who does she look like more?

Or me?

Daddy and Emily before church!

Just relaxing!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Messy house. Happy baby.

And a blog that needs updating.  =]

Wow! I can't believe that Emily will be 3 weeks tomorrow! I can't decide if it has flown by or gone by really slow! I'm sure one of these days I will wish it had slowed down. 

We had her 2 week appointment on Tuesday and everything went well.  We were really concerned about 2 things: her weight gain (because with breastfeeding you don't always know how much she's eating) and if she had a heart murmur.  Well she gained 1 pound and 5 ounces in 12 days and has no murmur! Praise the LORD! Our next appointment is her 2 month appointment where they will begin the first round of vaccines. This is not something I look forward to because I know they probably won't agree with our selectiveness towards vaccinations.  But anyway we will cross that bridge when it gets here!

Emily had her newborn photos done last Saturday by my BCF! They turned out great and I can't wait to see more!

We have had some visitors come see her! Our pastor and his wife and sister came and brought us some food! They just loved Emily and had nothing but nice things to say to us! It's funny, everywhere we go, we get compliments from people about how pretty she is.  My OB and her nurse even said how beautiful she is.  It's so true too!

Sunday and Monday Emily was cluster feeding...meaning she ate every hour on the hour.....sometimes twice an hour...for nearly two whole days!  And I tell you what, if I ever wanted to give up on breastfeeding it was then! She was insatiable! But we powered through it and hopefully it won't happen again for a few weeks!

Tuesday was my 21st birthday!! I went all out and got a LARGE drink at Starbucks rather than just a small.  Taylor jokes with me and kept saying "you're such a're gonna go crazy when you turn 21!" But I have decided not to really explore alcohol a whole lot.  I may have the occasional glass of wine at a special event but I don't ever care to go any further than that. 

This is the first week I haven't felt completely run down emotionally.  I was having a tough time there with coping with having a c section.  I really couldn't accept it for some reason although I KNEW it's what was best for me and Emily at the time.  I felt that since I didn't have the bonding time immediately after birth that she wouldn't bond with me. I can see now that's not true at all.  I actually feel she is closest to me. Thankfully Taylor has always been here for me to talk to and he is the main reason I feel so much better about everything. He always has the best advice. 

PLUS Emily is on a different schedule now to where her days and nights aren't confused. So we all get to sleep at night.  I still get up every 2-4 hours to feed/change her but we aren't up but for a half hour or so then we go right back to sleep! =]

While at our appointment the pediatrician said it's normal for newborns to cry up to 3 hours a day! I couldn't believe that! I'm pretty sure we have less than 20 minutes of crying a day and even then it is easily solved with feeding or a diaper change! That's when I realized what a good baby she is.  Instead of crying...we have a good 3 hours or so of pure cuteness! The rest is sleeping!

Want to see?

 photo IMG_20130927_090631_zps4b4a01b4.jpg

Pretty girl this morning!! =]

 photo IMG_20130927_101550_zps42c2d7c2.jpg

I put her on my chest and she was out!

 photo IMG_20130918_104504_zpscbce1245.jpg

BABY MUGGING!! A nice warm cuddly cup of Emily!

 photo IMG_20130926_090357_zpsbbd7c727.jpg

Hey I just got here!
And I'm a baby!
Here's my number!
So call me maybe!

 photo IMG_20130924_140034_zps9eafb4df.jpg

Babywearing Daddy's are smoking hot!

 photo IMG_20130923_172827_zps179d97b2.jpg

We gave her a sponge bath! We can now give an official bath since her umbilical stump fell off!

 photo IMG_20130923_173210_zps76f9884a.jpg

"It's cold mama!"

 photo IMG_20130919_125017_zps45022461.jpg
Pharaoh Emily!

 photo IMG_20130922_172335_zpsf1d2c18a.jpg

Emily and Grandpop! She sure looks tiny next to him!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Emily is HERE! *birth story included*

She's finally here! And she's a whole week old already!

And guess what??


Well Friday we went in for my regular appointment.  We were just expecting an ultrasound and another NST.  They checked my blood pressure and it was the highest it's been. My doctor said they would go ahead and induce....which we talked about on the way cool it would be if by chance they wanted to induce that day...but when she actually said it I was pretty scared.  So we had an appointment to come back at 4oclock. I was only dilated to a 1. They started me on this thing called Cervadil...that's all I'm gonna say about that you can do some research lol. I had it for 12 hours and it did NOTHING!!! to progress labor...I was still at a 1 by morning.  So I had to start Pitocin.

Here was our house for the night! First night I haven't slept next to I didn't sleep most of the night!
We started Pitocin at 8 AM. Thankfully they allowed me to move around a little so I was able to go to the bathroom on my own...well that was very short lived...they put me back on monitors and her heart rate had dropped a little.  So I was put on oxygen and they took my off Pitocin for 30 minutes then started it back at only half the dose. So I couldn't get up...which meant I couldn't really get gravity to help me with labor.  This happened again when I laid on my right side. By 6 oclock I wasn't progressing at all so they broke my water (weirdest thing ever btw). That is when things got REAL! I was having contractions one on top of the other and they were pretty painful (but with the help of breathing exercises I was able to do it!).  Taylor said there was one contraction that lasted nearly two hours.  Somewhere there contractions started to become really irregular.  I felt like one big contraction but they couldn't pick one up on the monitor. Then around 9 oclock I guess her heart rate dropped to 80.  I was completely unaware and the doctor said "The baby's heart rate is not coming up we're going to have to do a C-section." Those were the words I never wanted to hear.  I was so scared for her and I was so scared to have a C-section. The next thing I knew there were 15 or so people in the room prepping everything.  I had to drink this nasty stuff (I'm pretty sure I refused it 2 or 3 times) and I spilled half of it I was shaking so bad! I looked over and Taylor was changed into a white suit and hair net and mask. It was all so traumatizing to me. And all the nurses try to be all light hearted and positive to you like you aren't fixing to have major surgery.  Then we had to go to the operating room and Taylor had to leave me until they started.  That was REALLY scary to me...what was I gonna do without my coach?? But I got there and had the spinal done then Taylor was able to come back! and within 10 minutes of starting surgery she was out and crying! And so were we! When they brought her around the corner I remember saying "She has hair! Look at those cheeks!" I just wanted to hold her!
She was so pretty! I was so happy she was ok! She had an APGAR score of 8 and 9! Which was awesome!
Our first family photo!
Then they had to take her to the nursery to weigh her and everything.
She was 7 lbs and 13 oz! Much bigger than I expected!
This was the first morning after I had her!
We were allowed to go home at 10 PM on Monday.  But by the time we were actually discharged it was around midnight.  But we wanted to leave so bad we didn't care. We got home around 1 oclock.

HERE COME THE PICTURES!!! (I'm just putting up ones I haven't put on facebook yet!)
She was mad!

This was her first trip out! We went to her first appointment! She gained a whole 2 ounces and is still very healthy!

Emily and Manga! She loves her Manga!

 Morning snugglies!
Look how pretty!

She got to try on the bonnet I made her!

This is one of my favorites!

She thinks she's wrapped around my finger! I'm clearly wrapped around hers!
Emily and Daddy!
Recovery has been going alright.  And taking care of a newborn would be easier if I weren't recovering from a C-section.  We've had some trying times. That first two nights in the hospital was terrible to be honest. First we were both just so tired from the days events, then I couldn't hardly help because I was still recovering. But thankfully we made it passed that and we were able to do it all on our own.  She still likes to stay up all night and sleep all day.  I could be catching up on sleep while she does but I have things to write a blog! I am 1 week post partum and have already lost my baby weight. My belly is still floppy haha but I lost 19 pounds in one week!
YAYYY!! 1 whole week!

Friday, August 30, 2013

39 weeks!

This week has gone by slower than turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Haha (I had Google silly clich├ęs and that was the first that came up).

But seriously... the first weeks went by so quickly! I remember the night we found out  we were expecting (December 30) we thought 8 months would never get here. That's more than half the year and it's here!

But I rest in the fact that I have a maximum of 3 weeks left if I happen to go over. It sure would be weird to have to type up a blog of bitterness over being 41 weeks...

Well we had quite the scare this week...considering everything has gone very normal until this point. Luckily it was just a scare.  I went in Tuesday for a normal appointment and my blood pressure was sort of high.  I felt fine except for a slight headache the day before. My blood pressure had been very consistently normal since about 15 weeks.  So my doctor mentioned a possibility of preeclampsia and before I knew it I was being ordered tests and hooked up to a monitor for a fetal non-stress test.  I had to press a button every time I felt her move, it also measured her heart rate, which thankfully stayed good.  She also kicked the monitor that was measuring her heart rate...which was actually kind of funny given the situation.  Anyway, when that was done they said that that all looked good and I had to go get my blood drawn (which is always fun).  THEN I was sent home with stuff to do a 24 hour urine test (TMI..I know!).  Well anyway I did the sample and sent it back and today we had another appointment to get results.  When I got there my doctor walks in all cheery and says everything came back good and I don't have preeclampsia.  So yay!! We are happy because we went in today thinking we might be induced soon. I'm so glad we don't have to be! =]

We waited until now to say anything because we figured if it came back that I didn't have it, it wouldn't be worth the worry from others so we just told our moms and our Pastor so they could pray.

Haha not so flattering angle during the fetal NST. This thingy was seeing if I was having contractions.
I got my freezer meals done this week! Took me most of a day to do. I was exhausted when it was all done.  There is enough for 20 or so days...including we bought pizzas and a few other frozen things and my parents brought over some stuff a few weeks ago. =]

Hello 39 weeks! I managed to do my hair but I didn't want to get dressed up...that's how it is these days...just half-tushing my way through life until she gets here. =]
How far along?  39 weeks!
 Total weight gain: *whistles nervously*
Sleep: I guess I've become such a hermit that even my dreams won't leave home.  Just about every dream I have had takes place at home. I have been sleeping pretty good though! But I've been waking up earlier.
Movement:  She's a good little mover! She's running out of womb though!   
Strange symptoms:  Nothing really! 
Best Memory this week:  Taylor and I read Chuck Norris jokes earlier and I laughed so hard I was crying earlier...not just a few almost sobbing!   
Food cravings:   Fruit! and Oreos!  
Food aversions:  I really don't want anything besides what I'm craving...which makes for some weird dinners.... 

Looking forward to:  Need I say? OF COURSE I LOOK FORWARD TO HOLDING MY LITTLE GIRL! =] I also look forward to my birth experience.  I'm ready any day she is! 
Rudest thing someone said:  Here we go...I've been waiting to post this all week! The other day we were in Walmart and I sent Taylor to get a watermelon (of course) while I was in the freezer section. While I was there I thought I heard someone say "When is that baby due?"...but it wasn't loud so I ignored it...then this older lady touches  my arm and practically yells at me "WHEN is that BABY due!?" She startled me but I said "Oh...September 6th." And if that wasn't indication enough she asks "How far are you?" (Want me to count the days for you?) I said I'm 38 weeks and she looked at me like I was the stupidest person she ever saw "38 weeks?" and so we awkwardly stared at each other "yep!"....I went to walk away and she said "Oh you mean you are 38 weeks along...I meant how many do you have left...I was fixing to say you are going to be in for a rude awakening..."  This whole time she had her hand ON MY BELLY and I'm too passive to ask her to not do that. So I sat there with a uncomfortable look on my face...then she continued with the long list of questions (what are you it your first....) and the advice for this clueless first time mom. Anyway...she ended with a VERY condescending "Good luck."