Monday, October 7, 2013

One Month. Too exciting!

I can't believe our little Emily is one month old today! At 9:18 tonight! This month has definitely has been crazy and fun at the same time! As Jim Gaffigan would say "I haven't slept in 7 years" That's about what it feels like haha but it's so worth it because I'm spending it with my little tiny girl!

Emily has come a long way in just a month.  I watched a video of her the other day when she was about a week old and she was it's like she grunts all the time and makes noise in her sleep! She is starting to smile more now and we even swear she laughs sometimes. She is also moving a lot more.  She flails her arms around and kicks her legs and lifts her head up. We got to try cloth diapering a few days ago and sadly I only have 2 diapers that fit her right now and they worked really well! And she looked super cute! She has to be about 10-12 pounds before fitting in the others!

Yesterday we got to go to church for the first time with her (outside the womb) and she did pretty well.   At the start she had to be fed but after that she slept through, then at the Sunday school she needed to be fed again.  It wasn't all that bad though.  It could have been worse.  Everyone was so happy to see her.  They all said how pretty she is and how blessed we are to have such a pretty daughter.  There is another family there who is expecting their 6th baby (they have 3 boys and 2 girls now) and they came over to us to see the baby and the little kids just went crazy "oh what a pretty baby...such a cute baby!!" They were so nice! I just love our church! Seriously...I've been to churches that even wonder why we are married so young..our church encourages marriage and sees children as a blessing. We are blessed with such great fellowship and consider them like family to us!

Right now Emily is sleeping in her swing.  Everyone tells me to sleep when she sleeps but I always find something that NEEDS to be now I should probably vacuum or do the dishes or think about what to make for supper (everyone also tells me that stuff can I chose to write instead.)

She's one month! I think she's starting to lose her hair on she looks like her GrandPop!

Emily and Kow!

Alright...who does she look like more?

Or me?

Daddy and Emily before church!

Just relaxing!


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  1. She looks like her mommy ;) happy one month little girl!!!